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В видре вирусаф нееееет!!!1111

Android users looking for free VPN apps in the Google Play Store may want to think twice after new research from Metrics Lab has revealed that one in five of the top 150 free VPN apps could be a potential source of malware while a quarter of the apps contain privacy breaking bugs such as DNS leaks.

The company's Head of Research Simon Migliano made the discovery and found that these Android VPN apps have already been installed 260m times according to Google.

Metrics Lab, which is behind the Top10VPN service, has organised and published its findings in the form of a risk index with the aim of helping Android users understand the privacy risks they are exposing themselves to when installing a free VPN.

Of the top 150 free VPNs, 27 apps were flagged as a potential source of malware after being tested using the utility VirusTotal.

Сколько там 1/5 от 260млн? 50 млн. пользователей. Уже предвижу ответ "эта ваще ни ачом, капля в море".

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Tags: android, malware, security
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